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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 14, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> saved by her smartphone. a south bay woman strappedded for 19 hours and rning out of time is safe thanks to an iphone and some good detective work. >> tonight the officer who cracked e the code to her whereabouts is talking about it. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. 28-year-old melissa vasquez careened off the road in santa clara county. >> lisa amin gulezian is live from the medical center in san jose where the wom is resting and safe. >> that's right, dan. melissa haves cedes -- vasquez is in the icu. she is in stable condition at this hour. the officer credited with finding her is back on-t-job tonight after a very busy
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morning. >> i am known as a tec geek. >> he is a shy and humble man. he is talking about hi crucial role in finding melissa vasquez. she drove her car off a vaw reinein -- ravine. but it wasn't until 3:00 this morning when officer cameron went to vasquez's house and found her ipad that he reized he could use apple's find my iphone app and cracked all of her pass codes. >> i made an educat guess based on a series of common numbers people use for pass -- pass words. on the third attempt i was able to get in. >> then he remotely turned on the phone location finder. she was miles away thrown from her car andaying face down and hurt. they had a read on her locati and then rescuers we lifting her into a coast guard chopper. >> somebody was looking out
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for her. things fell in place and d those things not fallen in place, it could have been a totally different story. >> at the regional medical center, melissa's family rushed to her side and made an emotionallea. >> we would ask for prayers and ask you respe the family's privac >> officer cameron plans to sit melissa in a few days. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> apple does not market the find my iphone feature to police, but it has been used hundreds of times by oicers to find stolen devices. but this may be the first time it has been used to save someone's life. now, if you have an apple device, an iphone,n ipad or mac you can find t find my iphone feature to locate the device on a map. it will let you play aound so you can track it down if you would like to use it that way. and if you think your phone was stolen or lst, you can lock it and then track it, or
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you can just erase all of the information on your phone if you wish. all you have to do is log on to yr i cloud account and activate the app. it has been a busyouple of weeks for san francisco and that means big bucks for the city. fleet week brought in $300 million. sales force says the dream force conference will generate $100 million. the giants' playoff run is sure to bring in millions. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at civic center plaza where dream force just wrapped up. >> it really was a night. dream force attendees could not bemised tight. they- be missed tonight. they were teated to a concert by bruno mars. the city was lit up in purple, one of many happening around the city. bruno mars rocke the stage at the dream force convention. 38,000 people filled san francisco's civic center for a
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party like no other. >> the weather is great. it is a great vi going on and can't complain. >> dream force attendees descended on the city like an army. they could generate $100 million for san francisco. hotels and restaurants are full. e pink elephant bar is open al night. >> we are actually opened a little later. there are so many people going somewhere else. >> the giants beat the cardinals today. the next game is wednesday. the baseball playoff fever is catching near at and it. >> the brick house restaurant is gearing up for another giants win. extra beer is on order and it is all hands on deck. >> everybody is on call. we have everybody here inside the restaurant and everybody knows we are goingo need them. >> talk about expensive parking. every garage on townsend street was charging $100 to park on game days. this garage was more. and many fans didn't care. >> if it was 500 i would pay it
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>> really? >> oyeah. >> for at, where can you buy this entertainment? >> garage owners weren't talking. don't be surprised to see the higher parking rates when the giants make it to the world series. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> all over the bayarea people are preparing for the rain tt is finally on the way. here is video from at&t park whe the grounds crews put the tarp on thefield to make sure tomorrow night's game goes off without a hitch. spencer chstian is in for sandhya. where ishe rain falling right now? >> as you can see on live doppler 7hd, not much has even arrived. it is just patches of moisture around santa rosa and over toward the sonoma county coastline. to our north is where the main that is the moisture that will brings showers. at 11:00 we will see the line of showers moving tough sonoma county and other parts of t north bay during the overnight hours after midnight or so. and between midnight and the
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beginning of our morning rush we will see scattered showers reaching other parts of the bay area. there will be wet spots for the morning commute. it could slowhings down, but by 11:00 we will see the showers winding down and giving way to partial clearing. that's not the end of the rain coming our way. there is more coming up the next several days. that's coming up in a few minutes. dan and ama? >> thank you. you can see what shows up on live doppler 7hd anytime u wish for the abc7 news weather app. go to it is free at the apple store oroogle play. >> berkeley police arrest a suspect in an attack on an elderly woman caught on surveillance video. carol freemanf san francisco faces felony battery charges after someone tipped off police to her identity. freeman is accused of pushing an 85-year-old woman to the ground three weeks ago near ston way. she is being held on $150,000 bail. >> a driver is in custody after police say he was drunk behind the wheel when he struck a teenage
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ateboarder. it happened earlier th afternoon. witnesses say the driver blew through a yield sign. the 18-year-old hit th wind shield and he was bleeding profusely and taken to the hospital with a head injury. wynn was arrested on suspicion of dui. neighbors believe a four-way stop at this nearby intersection would make it safer for everyone. but they say it is hard to get serious attention because they live in unincorporated contr could is staw county. contra costa county. >> they made an arrest and seized 70 guns after a lengthy investigation. 26-year-old alex conley of kland faces charges including felony possession of a firearm, illegal transfer of firearms and possession of stolen property and conspiracy officers recovered military military-style assault rifles, pistols and shotguns from a home. one of marin county's largest redwood preserves will remain closed after a fire ripped through the forest today.
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it was first reported at 7:00 a.m.t roy's redwoods open space preserve. the fire spread quickly even though the conditions were damp. the firefighters say that's because of the dry drought conditions. thfire burned about four acres fore they got it under control. the park will stay closed for 48 hours as the firefighters make sure there are no hotspo to contend with. check out this dust storm. the national weather service warned drivers to stay off the road, but minutesgo the chp closed the roadway because of zero visibility. there were wind gusts up to 40 miles per ho. well, the women of silicon valley who have put motrhood on hold. coming up next, a new company perk being offered to help them start a family when they are ready. not everyone likes it. >> and too much of a good thin the new form of addiction scientists are treating. >> and theuestion the first lady could not turn down. why her response has been
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come up with the latest perk to try to attract more women employees. th two silicon valley giants are paying women to freeze their eggs. the companies say this gives women an option to go for that high-powered career and start a family later in life. as lyanne melendez reports, not all women are happy about this. >> apple and faceok are betting this new perk will help increase the number of women joining their company. >> it is further in the conversation for females and
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getting promoted. >> its empowering women becae it is giving them an option that they can take on their career now. >> facebook offers egg freezing and storage as part of the company's benefit package. apple will begin in january. apple said we want to empower women to do the best work of their lives as theyare for loved ones and raise their families. quite often women put off having children because of their careers only to realize how hard it is to start a family later on. dr. herbert is with the pacific fertility center in san francisco. he says it is st of like buying life insurce. >> you don't expect to die and get hit by a truck or whatever it may be. but you buy that inrance policy just in case it happens. so to some extent that's what this is. >> he says eggs become less viable over time. >> the eggs you have are more plentiful in your 20s.
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the percentage of good quality eggs is significantly higher. >> but don't expect every woman to jump at the idea. >> when it come togetting involved in the employee health and longevity and family planning, it is over the top. creepy. >> according to the cdc, 20% of all women in the united states wait until 35 to have their first child. the downside to that is if they want to have more children it gets much harder to conceive. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> the world health organization issued a chilling warning about the ebola outbreak. they could start seeing up to ,000 new cases a week just two months from now. a nurse in dallas who contracted ebola while treating a patient who later died says she is doing better tonight. nina pham's doctors said she is in go condition. she said she is blessed by the carehe is receiving.
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and a hallown costumes company has piggybacked on the ebola outbreak and released an ebola containmensuit. angry people said the costumes is in bad taste. what bothered some people was thcaption next to the costumes. it said this will literally be the most viral costumeof the year. the suit, boots, gloves and apparatus cost $80. and develing news. san diego doctors have treated a man they believe is t first patient with internet addiction disorder brought on by the over use of google glass. the naval service map has been using -- serviceman has been using it for 18 hours a day and on removing it to sleep and take a shower. he began to get argumentative and his dreams were starting to look at the what he saw thugh google glass. and the first lady's question, on average, how many calories do you burn every time you turn up?
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here is her response. >> turn up? for what? turn up for what? >> of course referring to the video turn up for what. the video has been watch four million time. the q and a was to promote her wellness program. a group of kids fromillow grove elementary school visited the white house as part of the program. they picked veggies and leard how to cook them. >> that video is pretty funn >> the rain has finally arrived. re is a live look from the explatorium camera in san francisco. you can see the clouds hovering over the city. >> spencer christian is in and has the latest. >> the rain has arrived. the steadier rain is to the north. it is pushing down toward marin. here is the live view from the exploratorium camera. it shows clouds over the bay. but so far there is no rain
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falling in this particular spot. it is 64 in san francisco and we have midto upper 60s in oakland and san carlos and san jose and 60 at half moon bay bay. looking out over the bay and once again all of the calm appears dry from this point of view. mid60s from fairfield to concord and livermore. and one more live view at the lden gate bridge where it appears to be dry. i don't see evidence of wet pavement there. the rain will continue to spread southward and eastward there will no doubt be slow spots in the commute and more rain is possible and even likely later this week and through the weekend. here is the satellite image showin the approaching cold front that will bring us our showers overnight. as the front sweeps through, we see behind it we ve an active storm track with several other systems coming our way that are potential rain makers over the next five seven days. we could get a bit more rain than what is comin our way.
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let's start our trker animation and looking at the projected rainfall totals. by 5:00 p. tomorrow we expect the rainfall totals in the north bay mountains to be the greatest . that'she wettest region in the bay area. most of the lower elevations will receive no morethan a 10th of an inch. th is not going to be a major ra storm, but it is bringing mch-needed rain. and over the inland east bay there are locations that will probably receive no measurable rain at all. let's go farther out to the sierra. from lake tahoe northward we will see rain from this system. snow levels will be way up high, about 8,000 feet or higher. south of laketahoe it will be mainly dry from this system. minor rainfall event here and in the sierra. look for showers and low temperatures in t upper 50s to right around 60. and then tomorrow after the morninshowers we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny in the late afternoon. high temperatures ranging from the mid60s at the cot and mid70s inland.
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and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours at at&t park it is game four of the national championship series. the temperature at that time is 62egrees and partly cloudy skies. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a dry day on thursday with showers and rain developing late friday into early saturday. a dry 8 sunday and then more rain coming in on monday into early tuesday. we call this an unsettled pattern. chances of rain are pretty good. looking good. >> that's the pattern we need for awhile. hope it continues. thank you, spencer. it i time to turn to sports and the giants. larry isoff and shu is here. >> we hope th pattern continues. the giants e grinders. they find ways to win against the cardinals. ok a little luck and a lot of skill. we'll celebrate along with the g men with your
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the post season is a key ingredient in their winning ways. they have a knack of taking advantage of every suation. today was no different in the win over the cardinals in game three of the nlcs. tim hudson on on the hill. the wind would be a factor. bottom of first and two on and two t. he rips one to the right field corner. is it 1-0 giants. bases full. a grand slam writteall over it, but the wind knocks it down g-men with the lead. colton long launches one to right. wind is wreaking havoc. now 4-3 and a mistake and
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crushes one. we go to extras. he ls down the sacrifice bunt. he throws e ball away. he scores from second and the giants win gamehree 5-4 and taking a 2-1 series lead. >> run as fast as you can. maybe he can throw the ball and make a bad throw and so he did. >> we know coming into they games that we might not run away with it. we scratched the very end. we do what we have to do to win ballgames. we are ahead right now and playing in front of home fans, it is far from over. we have to come and take it here on out. >> game four at 5:07 are ryan vogel song on the hill. we will check in on the alcs where they are j one win away.
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kansas city where the royals take a 3-0 series leaover the oriels once again and playing small ball. george brett threw out the first pitch and kansas city was ready to roll. he makes the defensive play and over the rail and grab. that's keeping your eye on the ball. ttom of six and runners on the corners from butler. a sack fly brings in dyson. kansas city takes a 2-run lead. the last chance for the o's and greg holland gets him to ground out. they are on the brink of the first world series in 29 years.
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sharks in dc looking to contain ovechkin and the cavs. they finally put the puck past him. the third of the season and they are up 5-3. here come the cavs. brow better in front of the -- brow better in front of the net. the game tied at fiv it goes to a shootout he finds the back of t net and sharks skate away with a 6-5 shootout victory. and believe it or not they are no 3-0. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by ebay. the warriors' head coach and his wife donated $1 million to his alma-mat for a future academic building enhancement. you rarely hear of it and it is a nice gesture. it will help a lot for the university. >> absolutel >> giants quickly, two games here at home. great position to be in. what do you think? >> it is almost too easy.
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i pick the royals to go all the way. it is hard to pick away from the giants. >> st. louis is a good team though. >> this is not over. >> still have to get through it. >> stay with us. we will


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